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My equipments:

Tx-Rx ICOM IC-746 HF/VHF  all mode
Morse key MK-703
Antenna Tuner: Home made 160m-10m 
Antenna: 3elements homemade yagi 20m
Antenna: Alfa-Delta 5 bands Dipole 80m-10m
Antenna: Alfa-Delta 3 bands sloper 160m-40m
Power supply: RPS1215 Tele 20 Amps

Vhf/Uhf mobile Kenwood TM-733 
Vhf/Uhf Handheld Yaesu 
Vhf/Uhf Handheld Icom IC-Q7E 
Vhf Handheld Yaesu FT-411E
Antenna Brige: DAIWA Vhf/Uhf CN-103L 
Antenna Vhf/Uhf UT300 3 5/8
Antenna Vhf Beam 11 elements Home made

suck4.jpg (12443 bytes)

PK-232 AEA
Baycom 1200 baud Home made
HamCom for SSTV FAX AMTOR Home made

Pentium 150Mhz- 2.1Gbytes Hard disk -32Mb memory
Printer: Epson Stylus Photo inkjet
Scanner Mustek 600CP color 600dbi
Laptop 486 Dx100- 480Mbytes Hard disk -8Mb memory
Laptop 386 Sx25- 65Mbytes Hard disk -4Mb memory
Videocamera JVC for SSTV and Internet

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