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Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese

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Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese was established in 1980. Its objective is   to spread radio amateur's spirit on the island of Rhodes and Dodecanese.
At the beginning  the callsign used was SV5SW.  The name of the Union was Radio Amateur Club of Rhodes. The callsign was changed to SV5JK and was preserved until the end of  1997. That year, the Union's  constitution was changed as well as its name. The new name adopted, which is valid till today,  has been Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese, while the new callsign has been SV5RDS.
The Union has developed a series of important activities whose positive social impact has been recognised by the private sector and the state authorities. Characteristically, during the '87 summer  the members of the club used their own tehnical infrastructure and their experiences in order to develop alternative communication links and assistance to state authorities and individuals during the great fires on the island's forests and natural parks. The state authorities acknowledged this assistance and they offered free premises  to host our Association in the city of Rhodes (Monte Smith area, located close to the Ancient Acropolis of the city). Since the first day of its existence the Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese has demontrated its will and determination to spread the spirit of radio amateur at Dodecanese.
The members of the Association provide education and information services for prospective and new members, transfering their long-standing knowledge and experiences. Anyone who is interested in Amateur Radio can receive a wide spectrum of information by the members of the Association, from simple and technical issues to legal advise concerning the requirements set by the Greek Ministry of Communications and Transportation to issue a licence of Radio Amateur.
Any radio amateur who visits the Dodecanese can communicate with radio amateurs in our area using our local repeater R2 (145050 RX - 145650 TX) with 77 subtone.
Also you can communicate with the island of Crete as well as Athens using our UHF link (431000 Rx TX) with 88.5 subtone. If anyone of you uses digital modulations there is a BBS of our association with callsign SV5RDS-1 and 2 VHF ports. The frequency of first port is 144675 and the second is 144625 at 1200 bauds both.
The digital repeater J45VAB is located at 740m high and has a range up to the islands of Crete and Tinos, as well as the state of Israel during summer season.
At the end of 1997, in cooperation with Aegean University, we have risen to a tcp-ip gate with the callsign SV5RDS-7, with a VHF port (frq 144625) at 1200 baud, which allows us faster connections with all the major cities in Greece and a big variety of other states. This has enabled everybody to communicate with local radio amateurs or another radio networks without using any passwords (besides via Internet).
You can meet all the members of RAAD every Sunday evening from 07:30 pm to 10:30 pm    at the premises of the Association at the following address:  Diagoridon str.,   Monte Smith area, city of Rhodes . You may also have a qso with radio amateurs all over the word from our wireless TS 450 S of Kenwood.  

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Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese
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