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Electronic Thermostat

Here is a nice electronic thermostat for your power supply or the output tranzistors of your radio. More informations about the circuit at the greek page (sorry!).

 thermostat.jpg (16481 bytes)

R1= 100k trimmer
R2= 10k
R3= 15k
R4= 4,7k
R5= 2,7k
R6= 10
R7= 1k
C1= 4,7F 40V elect.
C2= 47F 25V elect.
C3= 4,7F 40V elect.
C4= 1F 50V elect.
C5= 10000pF polyest.
DS1= diode 1N4007
DL1= diode LED
TR1= BD 137 NPN
TR2= BD 138 PNP
IC1= LM311
Rele 12V

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